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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The New Woman in Uzbekistan: Islam, Modernity, and Unveiling Under Communism

Dear Interns,

We hope you all had a happy holiday and that things are going well for you as your internships get back in motion. For our program this week, WIP is going to see Marianne Kamp discuss "The New Woman in Uzbekistan: Islam, Modernity, and Unveiling Under Communism".

Kamp will talk about her new book at noon on Thursday, January 11th, in Room 119 in the Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First Street. S.E., Washington D.C.

In her book, Kamp draws on oral histories and writings to reexamine the Soviet Hujum, the 1927 campaign in Soviet Central Asia to encourage mass unveiling as a path to social and intellectual liberation. Her examination of changing Uzbek ideas about women in the early 20th century reveals the complexities of a volatile time: why some Uzbek women chose to unveil, why many were forcibly unveiled, why a campaign for unveiling triggered massive violence against women, and how the national memory of this pivotal event remains contested today.

Kamp is assistant professor of history at the University of Wyoming in Laramie and a fellow at the Kluge Center at the Library of Congress.

Through a generous endowment from John W. Kluge, the Library of Congress established the Kluge Center in 2000 to bring together the world’s best thinkers to stimulate, energize and distill wisdom from the Library’s rich resources and to interact with policy-makers in Washington. For further information on the Kluge Center, visit www.loc.gov/kluge.

If you have further questions about this event, please call (202) 707-3302.

Best wishes,

Washington Internship Program

Con ese correo, me han citado a una de las charlas que menos ha aportado a mi desarrollo no solo como profesional, sino como ser humano.... no es que haya sido mala pero es que ha sido algo totalmente raro, fuera de cualquier posibilidad de interes mio.
No tengo nada contra las mujeres de Uzbekistan, es mas, no sabia que existian... bueno, supongo que si aprendi algo.
Para variar, nadie del Internship Program fue a la condenada charla.....

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