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Saturday, July 28, 2007


...de Harry Potter (en su lengua de origen):

Accio (Summon Object)
Aguamenti (Produces a jet of water from your wand)
Aguatitti (Produces a jet of water from your nipple)
Aguapippi (Produces a jet of water from your dickhead)
Alohomora (Opens closed doors and locks)
Anapneo (Saves you from choking)
Aparecium (See invisible items)
Avada Kedavra (kills opponent)
Avis (Birds fly out of your wand)
Alarte Ascendare (Fly upwards)
Aqua Eructo (Create torrent of water)
Arania Exumai (Hurt spiders)
Arresto Momentum (Stop time completely)
Ascendio (Ascend)
Bombarda (Bombard things into ashes)
Baghdada (Same as above)
Brackium Emendo (Heal broken arm)
Cave Inimicum (Strengthen enclusores)
Colloportus (Lock a door)
Culoportus (Enhance size of anus)
Confringo (Explode shit)
Confundo (Confuse an enemy)
Crucio (Inflict agony on victim)
Descendo (Move something downwards)
Droppo (Same as above, only easier)
Deletrius (Errase magical effects)
Densaugeo (Make teeth grow rapidly)
Deprimo (Crush an object)
Diffindo (Tears or cuts an object)
Dissendium (Causes some bitch's statue to open her legs)
Duro (Turn someone into stone)
Erecto (Erect sa statue or tent)
Elektra (Erects a tent in my pants)
Expecto Patronum (Summon animal protector)
Expected Plutonium (Summon mushroom cloud over US)
Expelliarmus (Disarms opponent)
Expulso (Explode something)
Ferula (Summons a bandage)
Finite Incantatem (Negates a spell or effect)
Finite Fiddycantatem (Prevents 50 Cent from releasing album)
Flagrate (Leave firey marks on victim)
Flogarse (Leave flogging marks on victim's anus)
Geminio (Duplicate an object)
Glisseo (Turns steps into ramps)
Homenum Revelio (Reveals human presense)
Homoname Revelio (Reveals people that suffer from Gay)
Impedimenta (Impede target from continueing)
Imperio (Hypnotise victim)
Impalio (Impale victim with tire iron)
Inanimatus Conjurus (Conjure inanimate object)
Inanimalus Conjuicius (Deposit semen in an animal)
Incarcerous (Ties someone up with ropes)
Incendio (Set something on fire)
Langlock (Shut someone the fuck up)
Legilimens (Read minds)
Levicorpus (Hang someone upside down in the air)
Liberacorpus (Counteracts Levicorpus)
Locomotor (Move shit around in the air)
Locomotor Mortis (Prevent movement of legs)
Lumos (Creates light)
Meteolojinx Recanto (Causes weather effects to cease)
Mobiliarbus (Levitate a tree)
Mobilicorpus (Levitate a body)
Morsmordre (Conjures the Dark Mark)
Morsmadre (Conjures your mother-in-law)
Muffliato (Makes people deaf (counteracts the above))
Obliviate (Hide the memory of an event)
Obscuro (Blindfold victim)
Oppugno (Cause animals to attack)
Orchideous (Makes flowers appear out of wand)
Ohitshideous (Makes ugly flowers appear out of wand)
Pack (Pack a trunk or suitcase)
Petrificus Totalus (Petrify victim)
Piertotum Locomotor (Animate statues)
Point Me (use wand as compass)
Portus (Turn object into portkey)
Priori Incantatem (Echo last spell used by opponent)
Protego (Summon magic shield)
Protego Horribilis (Summon better, Asian shield)
Protego Totalum (Portect everything)
Quietus (Makes magically enhanced voice fall quiet)
Reducio (Makes enlarged objects smaller)
Reducto (Blow something apart)
Relashio (Release grapples)
Rennervate (Bring someone out of unconsciousness)
Reparo (Repair an object)
Repello Muggletum (Keeps muggles away)
Rictusempra (Tickle someone)
Riddikulus (Describes Harry Potter franchise)
Scourgify (Clean something)
Sectumsempra (Slash someone up real good)
Serpensortia (Summon a serpent out of your wand)
Sickshithurtia (Summon a wand out of your serpent)
Silencio (Shut someone up)
Sonorus (Magnify voice)
Specialis Revelio (Reveal hidden magical properties)
Tarantallegra (Wé! Balla balla la Tarrantella! Alle vai!)
Tergeo (Siphon matter from a surface)
Waddiwasi (Launch small objects in air)
Wingardium Leviosa (Levitate an object)

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